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Translucent Warm Fleece Pantyhose for Women Winter, Faux Translucent Fleece Lined Tights Women

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  • Three colors, three thicknesses, the effect will vary from dark to light depending on the area of the leg spread pantyhose. closure
  • No Fleece/90g is suitable for summer, suitable for weather 77℉ -50℉. Thin Fleece/200g is suitable for spring and autumn, suitable for weather 50℉-32℉. Thick Flecce/300g is suitable for winter, suitable for weather 50℉-5℉.
  • Women's fake translucent fleece warm winter pantyhose is made of Premium high-stretch fabric, which can perfectly fit the legs without tightness. The three thicknesses are of different sizes, but they are all suitable for height: 5'1"-5'8", weight: 88-165 pounds, waist: 25.5"-39", hip: 31.5"-43", thigh :8.6"-22".
  • Women's Faux Translucent Fleece Lined Tights will show different skin tones according to each person's figure. The taller or plumper beauties are more able to show the charm of this product, which can make your legs full of seductive breath. However, it is not recommended for women who are outside the recommended height and weight range to buy, as they may break the pantyhose.
  • Women’s fake translucent skin tone leggings and fleece pantyhose have a T-shaped design on the front, which can visually elongate your legs and show a pair of charming long legs. The buttocks are designed with watermelon gear, which can effectively lift the buttocks, shape the buttocks curve, and more perfectly show your proud body.
  • Every beautiful woman has a lot of beautiful clothes in the closet, but because of the cold winter, many clothes cannot be worn out. Maybe you need this winter fake translucent fleece pantyhose, it can perfectly match all the beautiful clothes, and it can also create a seductive feeling for your long legs.

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